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Here’s the problem, If you’re searching for tents online, you won’t find the best tent for you – you’ll find the company with the biggest marketing budget. Review sites are littered with sponsorships from big brands, clouding out smaller manufacturers.

We wanted to give people an unbiased and transparent way to find great gear. Like that campfire conversation among friends that unearths the good stuff.

On our platform, everyone is on equal footing. What matters is what you make, not what you market.

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Mate, we love nature, and we want to keep our beautiful planet healthy for as long as we can.

That’s why 10% of profits go directly to into our wilderness fund. We also plant a tree for every customer that joins our community.

We’re committed to supporting local landcare groups, funding the conservation of delicate ecosystems, and helping critically endangered species like the spotted handfish. We’re also joining the fight against the privatisation of our parks and native old growth logging.

We want everything we do to help the planet that we enjoy hiking, skiing, biking, fishing and camping on.

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