How does it work?

Searching for tents online has two massive issues.

1. It’s biased.
Review sites are littered with sponsorships from big brands. Clouding out smaller companies who have less space for marketing budgets.

2. It’s time consuming.
We’ve all been there, comparing 100 different items across 1000 tabs. Weighing up their weight, price, form, and a heap of other considerations all at once. It’s needlessly tiring.

Outdoor Gear Comparison solves both of these.

We’re sponsorship free, so we can give it to you straight. And we bring every tent on the net into one place and give you filters so you can narrow your search in seconds.

We’re the worlds first unbiased online comparison tool, enabling you to compare over 800 tents from all over the world.

Our website contains individual product descriptions, photos, videos, specifications, and retailer listings. We do the research so you don’t have to.

We’re fiercely independent.

On our platform, everyone is on equal footing. What matters is what you make, not what you market.

We don’t just show the biggest brands, or those with a lucrative affiliate program. We show over 70 suppliers from all over the globe.

No. We are a comparison site, not a retailer. We encourage customers to visit their local outdoor gear shop.


Currently we are offering an earlybird membership at just $20 AUD while we expand the product range. Eventually the earlybird offer will be switched off and you will be able to select from the day walker or overnight walker plans.

All of our plans are intended to be affordable for everyone and are an annual membership cost. They are a small fee to pay for the numerous hours saved comparing gear yourself.

Our members have full access to both our filtering and comparison tools for all of our product ranges. Currently members are only able to compare tents but soon we’ll cover you for everything from rain coats and down jackets to sleeping bags and backpacks. Check our membership plans table for more details.

To get a taste for the filtering tool you can try it out with sleeping mats for free.

Otherwise, out the youtube video on our homepage which gives you a tour of our member only tools.

You’ve probably noticed that its hard to find the ‘best’ tents and brands. That’s because most of the content you see online is heavily affiliate driven, and small brands that do not offer these affiliate programs don’t get the same exposure as the big brands. These small brands who don’t get the exposure still make great gear.

Take for example, Outdoor Gear labs ‘Best backpacking tents for 2022’. In the top 5 only two brands appeared. Somehow, the big brands have shown up multiple times in the top ten, which is pretty unrealistic when you consider there are almost 70 hiking tent suppliers across the globe.

We wanted to give our customers a different experience, and all outdoor brands a fair go. To do this, we are independent and we rely on our customers for revenue.


If you need any help with your account, membership or want to provide feedback about our site please contact us via email at

Please note we do not provide individual advice on what products you should buy. For more information please refer to our contact us page.

Due to the nature of our membership, refunds are not provided. If you feel that our site has failed to deliver the tools as described, please contact us via email at so that we can assist you.

Our Giving Pledge

As a business we believe that we have an obligation to have a positive impact on our society and environment. That is why we have followed in the footsteps of legends like Patagonia who pledge 1% for the planet, and Keep Tassie Wild who donate a huge 50% to local environmental organisations.

Outdoor Gear Comparison has pledged to donate 10% of its profits each financial year to local Australian and New Zealand environmental and outdoor causes. We thank our customers whom enable us to give back.

“This is not philanthropy. This should be a cost of doing business.

It’s paying rent for our use of the planet.”

Founder of Patagonia and 1% for the Planet